Hallie Hohbein – President

Hallie Hohbein leads the ambassadors to succeed in their mission. She mostly leads meetings, finds new opportunities for the club, and generally keeps the club working smoothly. She has also worked extensively with the
after school robotics program. However, you might also see her cocooned in a pile of blankets reading a book. You can reach her at

Ayush Mishra – Primary Programmer

Ayush Mishra oversees all the initiatives and takes care of any member requirements. He also is supposed to lead the meetings in the absence of the President. He worked as a mentor for the
After-School Robotics Program. If you see someone playing chess on their laptop, it’s probably him. You can reach him at


Allie Rauner – Treasurer

Allie Rauner prepares the budget and approves the use of CSEA funds. She also maintains accurate financial records and seeks out new sources of funding. Allie likes to run and watch Netflix. You can reach her at


Mickey Tran – K-12th Education Outreach Chair

Mickey Tran coordinates and oversees the 
After School Robotics Program at middle schools throughout Lincoln. Mickey enjoys working out, eating out at authentic restaurants, and binge-watching Netflix shows during homework deadlines. If she’s not in class, she’s in Avery 12. The best way to reach her is at


Vy Doan – Event Chair

Vy Doan organizes main RSO events, both social and recruitment related. She also oversees other events that are part of Ambassadors and leads the 
Broader Considerations of Technology. She’s currently a Philosophy and Computer Science double major. She speaks 4 languages, but her German and Korean are baby level. You can reach her at


 James Erickson – Dev Team Coordinator

As dev team chair, James is in charge of organizing the development teams and putting together projects for the dev teams. If you have an idea and it benefits the community, he’s interested! You can find him in his natural habitat: Avery 12. If not there, he’s probably 2 episodes into a binge-watching session. For contact, use


Nathan Minchow – Secretary

Nathan Minchow keeps CSE Ambassadors organized. When not attending meetings, managing permissions, keeping minutes, or filling out mailing lists, Nathan likes to play piano and binge
The X-Files. You can reach him at and find him at


Ethan Bütt – Webmaster

As webmaster, Ethan Bütt is responsible for the design and maintenance of the
CSEA website (it’s actually the site you are on right now). He updates all website-related materials and graphics with the latest information. It is true that website maintenance is an all-consuming and intensive activity that takes up every second of every day for Ethan; however, in those extremely rare moments when he is not updating the website, Ethan could be seen listening to music, programming on his MacBook, and drinking a Starbucks hot chocolate. If you would like to contact him, the best way to do so would most likely be his email:

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